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Search Engine Optimization SEO is one of the most emerging branch of digital marketing. If someone want to do any kind of online business, SEO will give the in depth understanding of how search engines are working. Without SEO, there will no scope in any kind of e-Business. Rather you want to be a blogger, V-logger, Website manager, Content writer, and e-business advisor. SEO can give you great startup.

Course Syllabus


We don't have a long list of prerequisites for those who wanted to learn the skills, the only requirement is dedication to learn this new in demand skill , Student should only have the basic computer knowledge .

Course Outline:

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  • HTML

    Html stands for hypertext markup language. it makes the foundation of website. It is the first language used during website development because makes the structure of whole website as bones make structure of our body and these web pages are displayed on internet.

  • CSS

    Full form of css is cascading style sheet. This is the language that describe how html elements are to be displayed on internet. In other words, it is used after html for styling website to make it more attractive. it describes presentation of web page like fonts, colors, layout etc.

  • Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is the framework of css that helps us design our web pages faster and in easier why. It contains classes for responsive layout like for typography, buttons, forms, lists addition to this, it also provides support for javaScript plugins.

  • Material design

    Material design is also a framework of css. It also contains readymade classes which offer over 500 components, dozens of animation, and support for JavaScript framework including jQuery, vue, react. Using this, you can create fully responsive website having material look and feel.

  • JavaScript

    It is client side programming language which is used in website development to make more responsive and dynamic web pages by implementing client side scripts.

  • Jquery

    It is a faster and concise JavaScript library having ready made functions to make our work simplifies html document traversing, event handling, animating and ajax interaction for rapid web development.

  • AJAX

    Ajax is used to update parts of web page without reloading the whole page.


    Webpack is an open source JavaScript not only handle magnification of JavaScript and css files but also other assets such as image files through the use of plugins

  • JSON

    JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a data format in JavaScript object is used to transmit data between client and server in web application

  • PHP ( OOP )

    php is open source and efficient server side scripting language that is used to add functionality in web page and also make it dynamic and interactive. Php is fast, reliable and secure language.
    oop allows us tremendous amount of flexibility for having multiple systems interacting with same data and logic

  • MySqli

    It is relational SQL data base management system. It is used inside Php language to store, retrieve, update and delete data.

Course Trainers

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