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If you are really interested in Android apps building. Learn android Development with our modular Android development Course series. Our motive for this course is to introduce you to the world of Android programming and how someone can easily create android apps. By making it easy for you to learn with our step by step course outline with practical performance. Our course is technically designed so that you can easily speed up your learning process about making android apps for android devices.

Course Syllabus


We don't have a long list of prerequisites for those who wanted to learn the skills, the only requirement is dedication to learn this new in demand skill , Student should only have the basic computer knowledge .

Course Outline:

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  • Introduction to mobile apps

    How many types of mobile Applications are running in the market? Explaining the worth of each type according to its demand. Uses of Mobile applications Worldwide. Introduction about the programming languages involved in app building process

  • Introduction to android

    Why most of the touch screen devices are using android these days. Features of android and difference between android and other operating systems in touch screen devices. A Linux based operating system android is one of the most powerful operating systems these days

  • Android Architecture

    In-depth android Architecture with the basic working of its stack. What is the basic structure of Android app?

  • Deep Overview in Android Stack

    Deep explanations of the Android software layers. What are the layers that form together to ensure the proper working of a android application.

  • Installing Android Machine

    Introduction to the installation process for Android machine

  • Creating first Android application

    Make sure that you are now able to create a small and your life’s first Android application. A practical base step by step procedure to let our students do it.

  • Android Components

    What are the four main android components?

  • Module 2

    1. Building UI with activates
    2. Advance UI
    3. Notifications
    4. Multithreading
    5. Styles and themes
    6. Recourses and Assets
    7. Intent, Intent filters

  • Module 3

    1. Data storage
    2. Content providers Services
    3. Location based services and Google maps
    4. Web Services and Web View
    5. Sensors
    6. Wi-Fi
    7. Camera
    8. Bluetooth
    9. Android Application development

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