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Building a business from its scratch was the worst job considered around me.Core concept of developinjg a company was to fill the gap found in the field of IT(more specifically in Pakistan). This company was never owned by any of my ancestors. Its idea was never taken from their instructions. It is purely the need of the contemporary deficiencies our country is having. Might we have been listed amongst the Top 3% Freelancing countries around the globe. But, what matters to me are the skills to be sold on Freelancing platforms. Writing a CEO's message seems to be the most difficultt task of my life.I got to share all of the things I thought before starting this company and what made it stand best amongst it competitiors.Have a look at the confusions I had throughout my Career:

  1. There is a continuous narration about the lack of Job Opportunities found in the state.
  2. Entreprenuership concepts has been mixed with businessman's startegies.
  3. No Degree ends with providing pet jobs to the pupils.
  4. Learning Places became money generating base.
  5. Skills are always confused with the Requirements of the Industry.
  6. Players are never given ground to play(In any industry).

My belief driven me to understand that things exists and lasts with strong reasons or ideas behind it.TECHNOLANGS has completed its two years successfully, but it is its physical existance.It came into my mind many years ago, when I was moving towards the finals of my Degree and I came to know that I need to own any speciality of the industry for what I have to go to any Training Center or Software House. Believe me I was not the Only one in the room who was shocked of the News. But I started and got to know there doesn't exists any coach,team,ground or football to kick.
Many of us know TECHNOLANGS as an ordinary training Center giving short courses trainings locally. Few of us know that there is another part of it, what we call Software House, is working for local and international Clients. Later on,PIPC(First Biggest IT Event in History of Faisalabad) came and people considered it as an Event Organizing Agency.
This is an idea,to alleviate the need of Technology. This idea will drive the youth towards the Independant and Great Pakistan.Its Trained students are told to serve the Interests of the Nation and State.
It seems to be an emotional essay about country or the people living here. I might sound too patriot to take any action against anyone for the state. But , these were the important things to be told by myside to explain why we(TECHNOLANGS ) even exists.
Working on to eradicate all of the confusions existed in my mind at my bachelor's time or in mind of any other Graduation Student. We are might be late, we cannot manage the resources. We are not able to beat the clock. We cannot invent the uninvented. But, its a primise me and my dedicated team are working to make the things work. We are relating our dream with the Nation's Interest to make Pakistan greater in atleast one field which will be surely Information Technology.
TECHNOLANGS has provided all of the upto mark services to the students as well as clients. That time is not far away when we will introduce the best applications,technologies,trainings and team of the world in the field of IT.
Hopefully, who has read this, didn't got so bored and felt exhausted but working in IT does not makes sense to make Pakistan's Future Brilliant. It will be Human who will be our priority at first. Our products, applications and ideas will always make life better for human.
We have broaden our wings within no time but now we are going to fly .
Our Slogan "Change your tomorrow" is to elaborate that we are not making false promises, we will definitely bring quality as soon as possible to the life of almost 7 billion people. Hopfully this is not the only message by me to all of you.

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